Kerrisons Lane Level 1 Overhead and Underground works

Electrical & Communication

Project Overview

Bega, Far South Coast Region
Date Completed
February 2019
Contract Value

Kerrisons Lane Stages 1 & 2 was a 6-month greenfield site construction project that consisted of both residential and industrial estates. The project was unique in that it required the installation of both overhead and underground infrastructure across the entire subdivision. Core was engaged to complete ASP Level 1 works, including; High Voltage works - Dress and stand thirty-four (34) power poles, stringing over 7km of aerial conductor, installing three (3) pole mounted substations and a gas switch. Installation of separate earthing systems for the three (3) substations and the gas switch. Installation of around 200m of high voltage underground cable and conduit along with two (2) underground to overhead pole top terminations, which supply power to the new subdivision. Low Voltage Works – Installation of over 3.3km of underground conduit along with over 1.5km of underground distribution cabling. Installation of 15 distribution pillars and 5 distribution pits which supply power to the individual residential lots. Installation of both free standing street lighting as well as pole mounted street lighting around the industrial estate.


With the high number of poles to be dressed and constructed, the way in which the materials for the poles were delivered had the potential to be a very time consuming process. Core technicians thought about the most efficient way in which materials could be delivered ensuring minimal time was lost in determining what materials belonged together to construct each pole.


It was determined that the best way to overcome this was to work closely with the supplier and have them delver the specific materials to construct each pole labelled and packaged together by “peg location”. This resulted in efficient materials handling and a dramatic increase in productivity as time spent “dressing” poles was reduced.


Core successfully delivered the Kerrisons Lane project on time, and without a single supply authority defect.

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